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Ayurveda Rejuvenation in Kerala

September 12, 2019

Ayurveda is the traditional, ancient Indian system of health science. Its name means, "life knowledge." In Ayurveda, the monsoon is considered the best season for panchakarma and allied treatments, as the potency of the medicines is increased when the temperature drops considerably. Monsoon season in Kerala starts usually in June and last till August end. As per Ayurveda, your body is the most receptive to Ayurvedic treatments during this enigmatic season. In Ayurveda, seasons, and how our body and mind responds to them is of paramount importance in understanding the ideal diet and therapy regime to stay in harmony with the environment around us."Karkidakam"(as in the Malayalam Language) or the Monsoon/rainy season is the most suitable for the Ayurvedic treatment as the human body will be the most receptive to all Ayurvedic medicines and treatments.

Most of Medinovita partnered ayurveda centers provide custom-tailored treatment and diet for each customer. In Ayurveda, there is no fit-all treatment and the treatment can span for 7,14 and 21 days procedures, following a strict vegetarian diet during the period of treatment.

Ayurveda Therapy during Monsoon Season

The ancient writings of Indian healing explain that the monsoon season offers the best conditions for classical ayurvedic therapies as the medicinal herbs thrive well due to rains and can be picked fresh and in full bloom for ayurvedic medicinal preparation. The moist climate plays a vital role in opening up all the pores of the skin, ensuring that every treatment and herb used is absorbed and imbibed in the best way possible. All of nature is enriched and lush during the rainy season and even the day temperatures will be between 23 and 30 degrees well suitable for every Dosha type.

Karkidakam Ayurveda Therapy

Karkidakam is the last month of the Malayalam calendar and falls on July 16th every year. With the coming of Karkidakam, the monsoon rainfall enters its final phase in Kerala and is called a month of rejuvenation of mind and body where people undergo mainly ayurvedic treatments like massaging medicines and Karkidaka kanji.

Ayurveda identified certain key herbs and therapies - termed Karkidakam therapy - that held the power to combat the volatility of this change in season and to rejuvenate a person for the rest of the year. Karkidakam therapy leaves you revitalized, refreshed and helps you to detoxification of your body, boost to immunity, break down of fat deposits and toning of the body. The Karkidaka therapies are a means to keep in check the increase of Vata, Pitta and Kapha and increase the immunity of the body. And these therapies help an individual to go through the rest of the year by having a recharged and energized body and mind.

Karkidaka therapies can avoid health problems that spring from the modern way of life and faulty eating habits. Ayurvedic oil therapies and those prescribed under the Panchakarma treatment are recommended during this season for cleansing the body system. The traditional system of Ayurvedic medicines helps us to live in perfect harmony with nature.