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Ayurvedic Treatment for Autism

September 12, 2019

Autism is the end result of systematic toxins such as Mercury in the body causing this tridoshic disease which is especially a gross imbalance of vata and particularly prana vata which is the vata seated in the mind-controlling all mental functions such as speech, concentration, memory, learning, and neurological response. The protocol for autism is focused on removing toxins from the system and at the same time nourishing and energizing the cells so that they may repair.

The disorder that usually becomes evident during the first three years of life. Ayurvedic literature throws light on etiopathogenesis, presentation along with prophylactic and some specific measures for the management of such disorders.

A single reason cannot lead to the condition of autism; instead, the cumulative result of multiple circumstances, including environmental, biologic, and genetic factors, make a child more prone to have the disorder. Of these, faulty genes have an important role to play among the reasons for autism. It is believed that in a family with one autistic child, the chance of having another child with autism is about 5 percent.

Where western medicine and research has hit a roadblock in the treatment or management of autism, Ayurveda has come to the rescue and is increasingly being used to treat autistic symptoms. Ayurvedic practices have demonstrated to be effective in supporting autistic patients in becoming functional in managing various symptoms of this condition.

Kajjali, satavari, vanga bhasma, jiraka, vidarikanda, bala, tamra bhasma, ativisha, jatiphala, karpura, lavanga and abhrakabhasma, are known to have properties that can treat erectile dysfunction.

Medinovita in association with NABH accredited ayurvedic hospitals provide the best Ayurvedic treatment for Autism in India. We provide the best Ayurvedic treatment for Autism that is unique to each individual and their body type(dosha), identifying the underlying factors in the ailment.

We try to bring in a combination of treatments like Panchakarma and the herb-based drugs to bring in the absolute change in autistic kids and adults. Even though complete recovery from autism cannot be promised by any of the prevalent methodologies, Ayurveda with its legacy of centuries has proved to help autistic patients cope up with the situation to a great level. Medinovita, inspired by the roots of Ayurveda tries to do the same producing immense results and wide smiles on patients.

Ayurvedic remedies to overcome Autism

  • General Diet Rules: Only ghee and olive oils should be used with a special emphasis on pure cow ghee.5-6 drops of coriander juice should be put into food each meal as a seasoning. Diluted fresh pomegranate juice should be taken daily if possible.
  • Avoid: All refined processed and chemical food (this includes white sugar, chips, chocolates, white flour, soft drinks and most anything you would find in a modern supermarket shelf).Microwaved food. All soya products and their derivatives should be avoided.
  • Juices: Fresh sweet fruits should be juiced by a masticating juicer and taken every day at least 1-2 cup fulls apart from daily meals. Fresh fruit juices aid in detoxification of all tissues and are very calming and soothing to the mind and nerves.
  • Daily Practices: Vata oil should be applied daily to the entire spine slightly warmed and Vata Hair Oil should be applied to the head especially the crown of the head. Vata oil should also be applied on the eye and on the hands and up to the elbow. Almond oil should also be applied to the head and feet daily.
  • Children with autism need special measures to reduce vata dosha. In Ayurveda, this includes:- Internal medication: selected based on mental factors and associated dosha vitiation (the use of mental restoratives such as Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Vacha (Acorus calamus), and Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri); External medication: preferably application of medicated oils (pichu dharnam) and different types of oil massages (abhyanga), Shirodhara , application of herbal paste over different parts of head (Shirolepa); and a nourishing diet rich in brain-stabilizing nutrients.
  • As this disorder is incurable, the percentage of improvement also helps the patient to improve the quality-of-life. Treatment of this kind of condition is important and in that, if we are able to make small improvements in an earlier age, then it will reflect as a major benefit in later age in the form of developing skills.
  • A Panchakarma treatment course of 3- 4 weeks with proper followup and repetition may be beneficial. Yoga,meditation,Pranayama is aptly incorporated along with counselling to the parents in our treatment package.