Dr Hassan Ayurveda Brain & Spine Super Speciality Hospital Kochi,India

Dr Hassan Ayurveda hospital is one of the premier ayurvedic speciality hospital in Kerala,India providing a holistic ayurvedic treatment. It is an unit of Ayurveda International Medical Trust.

About Hospital

  • Dr. Hassan Ayurveda Hospital has been rendering ayurvedic treatment services to the needy for the past 125 years.
  • Dr Hassan Ayurveda Hospital is run by a family of doctors who have proved themselves to be delivering the best Ayurvedic treatments in well efficient and authentic way.
  • Well equipped hospital with panchakarma theatres,therapy rooms equipped all facilities and highly talented therapists.
  • Specialized in treatment for stroke,parkinson's disease,epilepsy,dementia,muscular dystropy,neuro muscular diseases,spinal stenosis,arthritis and knee pain issues.


Dr Hassan Ayurveda hospital, Kochi is located in Kochi, Kerala, India and is around 25 km from Cochin International Airport(Airport Code: COK).
Dr Hassan Ayurveda hospital is near Ernakulam Junction & Ernakulam North Railway stations and is well connected by taxi services.


  • Specialized treatment package provided by hospital includes rejuvenation program,joint care program,spine care program,elderly care program,wegith management program,stress management program and detoxification program.
  • Other ayurvedics treamtent like rajtha moksham,dhanyamla dhara,pizhchil,hijama,spine vasti,kati vasti,greeva vasti,upanaham,udwarthanam,sarvangadhara,shirodhara,pathra kizhi,shiro vasti, jaanu vasti,nasyam,thakradhara,abhyanga are also provided in hospital.
  • Specialized for brain and spine treatment for diseases like Epilepsy,stroke,Parkinson's Disease,Multiple Sclerosis,Dementia,Muscular Dystrophy,Neuromuscular Diseases,Psychological Problems,Sciatica - Gridhrasi,Slipped Disc,Ankylosing Spondylosis,Disc Degenerative diseases,Spondylitis,Scoliosis.

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Hospital Address

Dr Hassan Ayurveda Hospital,Rajaji Rd, Shenoys,Kochi Kerala India